Lumière Collection

Our passion is creating pieces with meaning through thoughtful design. We offer these collections as ready-to-go options that feature the same hand crafted care as our custom work.


Lumière Pendant

Lumière Necklace in 24k Pure Gold

Lumière Necklace in 24k Pure Gold

Lumière Pendant

Inspired by the special people in our lives who add light and give us guidance, the Lumière necklace is a unique way to give a beautifully personal gift . 

We prepare in advance a wire ring about an inch across in either pure silver, pure gold or platinum. The customer, after practicing on a copper ring, then use a special hammer to forge the wire into a flattened ring featuring the texture of polished hammer marks. 

Tool marks are the fingerprints of the maker. In Lumière each hammer blow leaves an indelible record of the makers efforts, of their existence.  The circle is a symbol of unity, and forged in precious metals it is both timeless and enduring.  

This collaborative piece takes about 30 minutes to an hour to complete. It is not difficult to do and families including young children have beautiful results.

"There is no wrong way to do it, because like all of us, our differences are what make us who we are. We are each perfectly imperfect.”

Pricing (Includes Sterling Silver Bail and Snake Chain, choice of 16" or 18")

Pure Silver     $319 CAN (+HST)

Rose Gold      $429 CAN (+ HST)

Platinum       $857 CAN (+ HST)

Pure Gold      $967 CAN (+HST)

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Lumiere - Ash and fireplace.jpg

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